7 Tips to Make Your Eyes Pop

7 Makeup Tips to Make Eyes Pop
MAY 8, 2020


Following makeup trends isn't easy, let's get down to the basics so you can pull off any look you want!

1. Ice It Up

It's morning and you look in the mirror, ugh it's back! The dreadful puffiness around the eyes. Not to fear, you don't have to look like you had a terrible allergic reaction all day.


Ice to the rescue! The coldness tightens blood vessels and reduces swelling. Wrap a piece of ice in a paper towel and hold on eyes for a few minutes.

2. Brush Those Brows

Brows are the curtains to your eyes. Altering them can change the whole look of your face - for better or worse! So check out this easy hack.


Brushing them can elongate the eye area and give your more lid space to work with. Simply take a clean spoolie and brush upwards to enhance your eyes in seconds.

3. Layer Mascara

Mascara is notorious for making your eyes look a million times better (and more awake).


Using two mascaras gives both benefits. Think of the first layer as a fully loaded primer, and the second layer as the flawless finish. First, apply a layer of lengthening mascara. Follow with a layer of volumizing mascara and watch your eyes go from blah to wow!

4. Feeling Blue

Use blue eyeliner.


Ok, now this one sounds silly but bear with us and let's dig into some color theory. The perception of blue and yellow together trick your eyes into making yellow appear whiter and brighter.


So if you've had a rough night out and wake up with red eyes, add a little bit of blue eyeliner to your waterline to make your eyes appear white, not bloodshot.

5. Just Add Highlighter

When all else fails, add highlighter. That's a saying, right? Well if not, do it anyway. It works.


Add a touch of highlighter under your brow bone to give the appearance of a lifted brow and making the eyes appear more awake. Then apply to the inner corners of your eye. The light reflecting off these two areas will make your eyes appear more open and lifted.

6. Grab the Curler

And no, not the hair curler. This trick is much faster (and easier). Lash curlers have been a popular beauty tool for nearly 100 years, and there's a reason why.


Curling your lashes not only lengthens the lashes, but also helps your eyes appear more open.


Grab your curler, run it under warm water for a minute and curl your lashes to give a long lasting curl.

7. Conceal Dark Cirles

Ah, dark circles, how we loathe you. If you can't fix them with sleep, try the next best thing.


First, take a dark circle color corrector and apply to the under eye area. Finish with a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone for an ultra brightening effect.

Written by Sayble Humphress

Beauty blogger and entrepreneur, Sayble has been in the beauty industry for 4 years. Here to share her extensive knowledge of makeup and skincare tips.





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