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9 Instagram Worthy Eyeliner Trends

9 Instagram Worthy Eyeliner Trends

9 Instagram Worthy Eyeliner Trends

What once was a routine, never changing part of your makeup routine has been completely revamped this year. Get ready to open your mind to 9 new eyeliner trends that will stand out and get you noticed on Instagram! You might think, eyeliner is eyeliner.. how can it go through trends? Just as fashion has seasons, makeup is the same. You’ll be surprised as how often the trends change throughout the years. We've searched high and low on Instagram and here are the top eyeliner trends we keep seeing.

1. Pastels

2019 was all about the bright vibrant eyeshadows and eyeliners, but what better way to make your eyes pop than going with a less obvious subtle shade of your favorite color. Especially considering most of us haven’t worn makeup for once (uh, thanks miss corona) it’s the perfect way to ease back into makeup as pastels can be a hybrid of subtle and glam.

pastel eyeliner trend liquid adhesive eyeliner

2. The Floating Crease

Give your normal eyeliner routine a boost with this floating crease. This style has become ultra popular in recent months. There are several ways you can rock this look. The most popular ones we’ve seen being standard black eyeliner with a pop of floating color on top and pastel or neon eyeliner with matching floating color on top.

floating crease pastel eyeliner trend 2020. Adhesive eyeliner bali lash


3. Minimal glam

This trend is by far our favorite. Picture a mix of broken geometrics to add a pop of glam. The best part about this trend is there’s no specific way to draw it on. Any random line, curve or angle can be strategically placed on the inner, outer, or middle of the lid to liven an otherwise natural look. If you like jumping on the trend bandwagon each season but don’t want to go too overboard, this style is perfect for adding the right amount of drama.

bali lash eyeliner trends adhesive colorful liquid eyeliner

4. White Eyeliner

Hello early 2000s how are you? If you don’t remember this old trend, trust us, you don’t want to have been a part of it! Back then, we paired white eyeliner with eyeshadow colors in all the wrong ways. The 2020 version is much more wearable and doesn’t make you look ridiculous. You can simply buff a white eyeliner pencil into your waterline to give a soft brightening look to your eyes (perfect for if you are little lacking on the sleep front). The next, most popular way we are finding is using a bold liquid line in several ways. We’ve seen it in a graphic look (think Ariana Grande in her “Rain on Me” music video, bold lower eye line, thick cat eye, and just about every other way you can think of.

kirsten white eyeliner trend liquid eyeliner


5. Straight Liner

This is a variation of the floating crease style, except it’s straight as a board. Straight eyeliner is seen in many editorial photos and high end fashion advertisements, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull it off! Simply pick your favorite color and use a slow and steady hand (we’re not the best at this!) to draw a quick flat line above your crease. Careful not to draw it too low to the crease otherwise it may end up a bit curved! Don’t be afraid to get creative with colors and metallics for this look.

straight eyeliner trend graphic eyeliner


6. Negative Space

This trend gives the impression of a specific style without having to fully draw it. Take a look at this gorgeous example of the cat eye impression. You essentially draw an outline of a cat eye but don’t complete it. Sounds easy, right? In fact, it could end up saving you time by not having to perfect and possibly redo your normal cat eye. It’s best to have a steady hand for this trend as well, but the outcome is stunning and well worth the effort.


Bella Hadid negative space liquid eyeliner adhesive eyeliner

7. Inner Corner Love

We seem to always neglect the inner corner — just adding a thin liquid line to the top lid. In 2020 we’ve kicked it up a notch with no eye space left behind. You can get creative in this by extending your liquid liner down past the inner corner, or adding a simple geometric line or shape to the inside lid above the crease. Adding either of this will boost your eye look to an Instagram worthy photo. Can we say like4like?

inner corner adhesive eyeliner liquid eyeliner lash glue

8. Dots

Just want to wear normal eyeliner but also want to feel fresh and different? The dot method is one of the easiest ways to stay on trend for 2020. What’s better than having to put the least effort possible into a new trend, AND without having to buy some random product you’ll never use again after this year. Simply adding a small dot underneath the center of your lower lash line gives a pop of “different.” This look is also perfect if you’re pressed for time or maybe don’t have as steady of a hand for the more complex styles.

simple dot adhesive liquid eyeliner bali lash


9. Extended Lines

One line is so outdated. Don’t you get bored sometimes of drawing your same style of eyeliner day in and day out? Get creative with the number, length, and position of your eyeliner lines. “But how” you might ask. The best part about this trend is there’s no rules or method to the madness, just do whatever you think will look cool! We’ve seen everything from 3 lines under the tail of a cat eye, to extending the cat eye past your lower lash line. There’s no right or wrong way, and any placement you decide on is sure to turn some heads (or get some likes!). With extended lines it’s fun to get creative with placement!

 triple line eyeliner liquid adhesive bali lash



Which trend is your favorite? Have you seen any other trends that are show stopping that you would add to this list? Leave a comment below and let us know!

If you try one of these on Instagram, tag us so we can see! #balilash And as always, Lash Liner can be used as a lash adhesive or standard eyeliner for any of the trends you want to try.

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