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Single Use vs. Reusable Cotton Rounds

Single Use vs. Reusable Cotton Rounds

Ever wonder which one to choose? Here's a break down the major similarities and differences between reusable and single use cotton rounds. Reusable cotton rounds are a very different type of product.

First, single use cotton rounds have been around for ages and have been the most popular choice for a long time. This is thanks to their convenience to find, use and dispose of without any extra effort involved.

single use cotton rounds, not sustainable and not eco friendly

Single use cotton rounds

Another thing is that they're usually made from a thinner cotton material that absorbs quite a bit of product when used. They are not meant to be used more than once and are known to not be very durable. Single use cotton pads are known the be the least sustainable route when it comes to makeup removal and skincare application in your beauty routine.

Why does sustainability matter? Single use cotton pads require an immense amount of energy and chemicals to produce. Worst part is, it creates massive deforestation issues. With the world becoming more aware of the sustainability issue in the beauty industry, more and more consumers are leaning towards reusable products to reduce their carbon footprint on the world.

On the other hand, there are many different types of reusable cotton rounds you can purchase that are made from different materials. Reusable cotton rounds are made from a thicker, more sustainable material like pure bamboo or even hemp. Their use won't be as convenient as single use cotton rounds and aren't always as easy to find. These strong, natural fibers can be washed and reused many times over before it deteriorates or wears out and their material makes the rounds much sturdier than traditional cotton rounds.


Take for example BALI LASH Bamboo Shoots, which are made from organic bamboo cotton. These reusable cotton pads are much sturdier than your typical single use pads, and can even be used up to 1,000 times. On top of that, they are recyclable and ultimately the most sustainable addition to your beauty routine.

You may also notice that single use cotton pads are more abrasive, especially when buying a low quality brand. Using low quality products regularly can cause redness and irritation, especially in the eye area. Since single use cotton pads are most commonly used to remove eye makeup, extended tugging and pulling can cause premature fine lines and wrinkles. And I mean, who the heck wants to get fine lines faster?! Not us that's for sure.

On the contrary, using a high quality organic cotton round such as Bamboo Shoots will prevent premature skin aging. These much more durable and are made with premium organic bamboo cotton, which is super soft and gentle on the skin. We will take all the soft, fluffy, good-for-your-skin stuff we can because hunnay we're trying to keep this skin young and fresh!


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