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Get the "Perfect Eyeliner + Lashes" Look

Drawing eyeliner is hard enough. Trying to apply false lashes on after is even harder!

I've now cut down my lash application time 95% by using an adhesive eyeliner.

Adhesive Eyeliner

Use as eyeliner or lash adhesive!

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3 "Must Know" Tips for Perfect Eyeliner

- 1 -

Hold your breath

Please, not for too long!

Holding your breath when you apply eyeliner will allow your hand to be steadier.

- 2 -

Stabilize yourself

Rest your elbow on a sturdy surface and prop your pinky on your cheek for extra stability. This will help you draw a steady line.

- 3 -

Follow the dots

If you're not comfortable drawing a line, outline your eyeliner with a dotted line first. Once you've finished, simply draw over the dots with the liner.

What is the secret to the perfect eyeliner?

Most people don't realize, but your eye shape plays a major part in how eyeliner will look on you. Here is a list of the most flattering eyeliner styles for your eye shape:


  • ♥️Hooded eyes: Create a thicker outer third and draw the wing with your eyes open to see where it lines up visibly.
  • ♥️Wide-set eyes: Create a smaller, upturned wing to create the illusion of a closer set eye
  • ♥️Close -set eyes: Use a white or nude eyeliner on your inner corner to open them up
  • ♥️Almond eyes: You're lucky – you can pull off any liner look!
  • ♥️Round eyes: Create a more defined triangle wing to give your eye some depth and shape
  • ♥️Monolid eyes: Create your wing with your eye open, so that you can see where to end the line

Bali Lash's Lash Liner in Use

Who is a Bali Babe?

There is beauty in simplicity

The Bali babe is one who likes simplicity. She doesn’t want to spend too much time getting ready. She would rather get on with her day, enjoy sunset walks on the beach or strolls through the rice paddies. She’s light hearted and free spirited; never wants anything to be complicated. She likes her life to be effortless without having to sacrifice quality or looking her best.

Here's what our customers are saying

"I use Lash Liner as my everyday eyeliner. I don't always want to wear false lashes so it's nice to be able to use it for both!"

Georgia Gorman

"I was tired of waiting for my lash glue to dry every time I did my makeup so decided to try this adhesive eyeliner. It's seriously been a life changer in my routine."

Azaria Dee

"The sharp felt tip liner makes it so much smoother to draw my eyeliner, the fact that it's also a lash adhesive just blew my mind."

Salima Rodalo



If you aren't completely satisfied with your Lash Liner, send it back within 30 days to receive a refund!

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