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How to Use Adhesive Eyeliner

How to Use Adhesive Eyeliner

Curious about how to use adhesive eyeliner? Here at Bali Lash we'll show you just how easy it is to use our adhesive eyeliner to apply false lashes! No additional eyeliner or glue or magnetic eyeliner is necessary to achieve a perfect lash hold and pigmented eyeliner color. Best part is, it only takes seconds to apply before you can be out the door!

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How to simplify your lash routine: 

Here at Bali Lash we've mastered the lash routine. Applying lashes with our adhesive eyeliner is easier than ever and if done properly can save you so much time when applying lashes. Gone are the days when you would need to wait one minute for glue to become tacky, or heck even 3 minutes for magnetic eyeliner to dry before applying your lashes. Those methods left with 2019, it's 2020 now and ain't nobody got time for that.

1. Grab your Bali Lash adhesive eyeliner and favorite pair of lashes.

2. Leave the lash glue and magnetic eyeliner behind. It's 2020 babe, these are old false lash application methods that just cause so much headache and can damage your natural lashes!

3. In fact, leave your normal eyeliner behind too! Our adhesive eyeliner is deeply pigmented so you can no omit the normal eyeliner step out of your routine completely.

How to properly use adhesive eyeliner

We've made a fool-proof way to apply false lashes, but there's still a few tricks to maximum your adhesive eyeliner grip. You've come all this way, finally found the perfect way to apply false lashes.. don't stop now! With these simple tricks your lashes will be on for good - well, of course until you remove them :)

1. Shake well.

  • This may seem silly to say.. but sitting on the shelf, transit times to get your Lash Liner package to you, and sitting in your makeup bag definitely effects the liquid inside. At this point, it's settled and not ready to give you maximum color and grip benefits. Giving it a quick and vigorous shake will amplify the adhesive eyeliner power!

2. Apply as normal eyeliner, focusing on the inner corner.

  • Here's our favorite tip to help your lashes stay on longer. When you apply our adhesive eyeliner, you'll want to apply it just as you would a standard eyeliner. Just make sure that you apply enough to the inside corner of your eyelid to ensure maximum grip to your lashes.

3. Don't wait, apply your lashes!

  • Our favorite thing about our adhesive eyeliner is that you don't have to wait forever for it to get tacky. Once you've applied the liner, immediately apply your lashes. This saves SO much time. Finally, you don't have to wait for magnetic eyeliner or lash glue to dry.

That's it! How simple, right?! Sometimes we wonder why we ever wore magnetic eyeliner or lash glue.. imagine how much time we could have saved?!


Adhesive Eyeliner Removal

We know, now you're wondering how the heck you remove this since it's waterproof. Like, is it on for good orrrr? Don't worry babe, removal is surprisingly easy. 

First, take off your lashes (le duh). Grab your favorite eye makeup remover (we like micellar water). Apply to a cotton bud or cloth of your choice and wipe away just as you would any other makeup. Finish with your normal skincare routine to keep the skin around your eyes as gorgeous and youthful as ever!

Final Tips

Bali Lash Adhesive Eyeliner lasts the longest when stored in room temperature, so try not to leave it in your car in the winter or summer. Make sure to put the cap back on when you're finished to prevent drying out!


You can shop Bali Lash Adhesive Eyeliner HERE! Remember, we have a 30 day return policy, too. In case you don't love it, which is highly unlikely, you can make a return or exchange. We just know you're going to love our adhesive eyeliner and new found freedom since your makeup routine will be so much shorter!

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