Who is the bali babe?

The Bali babe is one who likes simplicity. She doesn’t want to spend too much time getting ready. She would rather get on with her day, enjoy sunset walks on the beach or strolls through the rice paddies. She’s light hearted and free spirited; never wants anything to be complicated. She likes her life to be effortless without having to sacrifice quality or looking her best.

The art of simplicity

Let’s face it.. in 2020 we’ve learned to go back to the basics, including makeup. We’ve all lived in quarantine for months and may or may not have put makeup on in weeks. We don’t all have the extra $$ for lash extensions, and we aren’t all blessed with long perfect lashes (le sigh). We wanted to create the perfect hybrid way to complete your natural glam look.


They say eyes are the window to the soul - so why not show them off in the best way? The Lash Liner is America’s #1 adhesive eyeliner, the perfect way to simplify your makeup routine